Whats going on in that noggin?

Im Chris Maclean, 26 years old who on 20th June 2017 had a right frontal lobe brain tumour removed – having been searching google for “similar stories” and being inspired by Anna Swabey, I thought I would write my own thoughts and experiences down and see if it helped anyone else along their way. In time, once my recovery kicks up a gear I hope to start fundraising for some brain tumour charities. The purpose of this blog is to help me (selfish reason out the way first) express how I feel along the way to work as a bit of a memory bank, and test my concentration levels and determination which used to be brilliant. Equally – pre op i struggled to find many stories, to help me out along the way, everything was simply just bleak statistics – so I hope I can provide an example of someone getting on with their life despite having had a brain tumour, and in turn i hope this will help others out who may be going through something similar.